Taco Especial’s Signature Dishes

Taco Especial's Signature Dishes

Mexican Sandwich

An open faced layered flour tortilla sandwich. One of our most famous dishes. We start with a flour tortilla, layered with white beans, another tortilla, then a layer of Mexican rice, and finally a third tortilla that we then finish off with either our Guisado de Res or Guisado de Puerco topped with melted cheese.

Burrito Grande

We're not sure which is more popular, but this extra large flour tortilla is filled with our refried beans, choice of meat, premium cheese, fresh lettuce, rolled up and smothered with famous Guisado gravy and finished with sour cream, Spanish green olives, tomatoes and chopped Spanish onions. Add a side of rice and beans for $1.00

Enchilada Grande

Go Grande! With this extra large flour tortilla dipped in our secret red sauce filled with shredded chicken or ground beef and Spanish onions. We then roll it up and steam it with cheese melted on top. This enchilada is a meat in itself. Add a side of rice and beans for $1.00.

Chile Rellenos

Poblano pepper with ground beef topped with melted cheese and our special sauce. Served with rice, beans and your choice of three tortillas.

Burrito Ranchero

Large flour tortilla stuffed with rice and beans. Your choice of ground beef or chicken. Topped with melted cheese, jalapenos and ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans.