Please contact us for custom catering for all of you special events small or big. Our wish is to provide you with excellent service and wonderful food. Catering can include pick up or delivery and serving options.

Note: Party Trays to Go includes ground beef or chicken and cheese for tacos,
burritos, and enchiladas.

Party Trays To Go

25 Enchiladas


25 Burritos


25 Tacos (flour or corn)


Pan of Rice

Half $24..00 – Full $50.00

Pan of Beans

Half $24.00 – Full $50.00

Party Botana

Add ground beef or chicken for $6.00 Chunky Beef $8.00

Large Bag of Corn Chips


Pint of Hot or Mild Sauce


Pint of Maria Salsa


Party Specials

Family Party Special #1

Serves 20-30 People. 25 Burritos (ground beef or chicken). 25 Tacos (ground beef or chicken, corn, flour or mix). 25 Enchiladas (ground beef or chicken). Small rice and beans. Chips and salsa.